why put sour cream in cheesecake

Now, if you have the idea that a cheesecake takes a special talent to make - think again! You add fat to your cake to make your cake richer. I will try turning the oven up to 450 for the finish bake! But if you don’t eat eggs, no matter the reason, that can be quite a challenge. I should have used a bit more. The shortbread cookie crust is a great idea it set the cake off nicely. I am aiming for a Show Stopper type of look here and that is what this easy cheesecake recipe gives. Refrigerate the cheesecake overnight to set. After an hour, remove cheesecake and heat oven to 450 degrees. All I can say is, wow! I lose this recipe so much! The sour cream does all of this thanks to its high fat content & acidity. “Ok!” I said. How long can it sit out specially with the Sour cream on top? The reason for this remains vague. Like water or eggs? I will keep this recipe for sure. Sour Cream Cheesecake is an elegant dessert that can be served with fresh fruit or sweetened fruit in syrup on top. Khymos blog, Maximizing food flavour by optimizing the Maillard reaction, link, Serious Eats, How to make sour cream pound cake moist and tender every time, 9 June 2017, link, P. Walstra et. Not only is it delicious but it is the best … The crust was crisp and thick, the consistency of the cake was creamy and silky and the birthday boy was happy which is really all that matters. This is the exact cheesecake my husband brought to our marriage via his mother. My cheesecake looks lovely, but the sour cream topping cracked. The bacterial cultures in your intestines are an often overlooked and neglected part of the average diet. I was always afraid of making cheesecakes because everyone said they were a lot of work. The content on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This post was originally published on 6/15/2011. I've tried this now 2 times. Well even if that happens in this case, the sour cream topping smooths right over it and won’t crack with you bake it. I agree though, historically certain regions would have a preference for certain ingredients depending on what they’d have on hand. Recommended with pleasure - Heaven! I had to read this to my husband, the cheesecake hound. If you don't have a cup of regular cream, you can easily use sour cream. It’s also somewhat thicker, but contains a lot of moisture as well. I baked at 325 for 70 minutes. This could be utilized if you are going to make a flavored cheesecake where a more tart taste would help the other flavors. If you want though, it’s easily implemented. This recipe is based on a similar recipe from the book Sweet. Which means you most likely won't have to run to the store to get any ingredients. What if you have too much sour cream, what can you do it? You can use a stand mixer at a low speed. Good luck! If you want to replace sour cream, you’d want to know why you’re using sour cream (is it because of the acidity or creaminess for instance). Soo I just checked and yup, this is MY mother in law’s recipe as well. Hope that gives you a starting point in developing your sour cream cake recipe! This is the BEST cheesecake I've ever had. It's delicious plain, or you may top with fruit pie filling. Measure out 1½ cups into a medium sized bowl. This one seemed to be the smoothest of all the variants. Mix until the mixture is crumbly, then add the egg and continue to mix until a soft dough forms. You explain things very well! Just adjust the baking time. ?” “No…..” He said, “I just want my Mom’s cheesecake!”. Let’s compare butter and sour cream here. You can also put them in a ziplock bag and roll them with a rolling pin. Add the sugar and flour, and mix at low speed until there are no lumps. Press into the bottom of a 9" spring-form pan. This recipe of course. I bake it in a 9" nonstick round metal cake pan that I liberally spray with Butter Flavored Pam. To summarize, sour cream can be used in cakes to: add moisture without thinning the cake batter, adding fat for creaminess, controlling browning and to activate baking soda. 2, Am I reading this right? 2020 It was super easy. Sour Cream Cheesecake is one of my all-time favorite desserts! However, in the process of doing so, the baking soda will loose most of its leavening power (which is why you will often see baking soda being used in these recipes as well). The butter for the crust was not enough so I used about 6 tablespoons instead of 2 tablespoons. It was super easy. « Congratulations Cards - Free Printables. Photo 3 I have been looking for a recipe with sour cream topped cheese for a long time. However, you can tweak the flavour and texture of your cake in an unlimited number of ways. I do the same with eggs as well. Thank you so much. It does have a very pleasant crumb. Let me start by saying this recipe is relatively easy with excellent results every time compared to others that involve too many steps, such as a water bath. This looks so awesome! Yeast is what makes our breads light and fluffy, by producing carbon dioxide gas bubbles to make the dough rise... Back in the days, before they had access to baking powder and baking soda, bakers had to be a bit more creative in how they were going to create light airy cakes and sponges. Ready to bake! I will keep this recipe for sure. It come out to about 135 calories per serving if the cake is cut in 12's. First time it cracked, second time it didn't. Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. It was super easy. That’s a great observation Preeti. The cream cheese must be perfectly soft; if you're pressed for time soak the packages in warm water and squish flat until warmed through. I’m wondering though, what would it taste like/ be like if you substituted the sugar for icing sugar? As always with recipes from Sweet, it turned out great. Understanding all these nuances and differences between ingredients is what will make you a better cook/chef in the long term and help you to develop new delicious recipes! For instance, we’ve discussed why you would use zucchini or carrots (even purple ones!) If I had kids, I would totally try them with them! Sour cream truly is what the name says it is: a sour cream. had this receipe yrs ago and lost it what a wonderful find today! If you do not line your spring-form pan with parchment paper, be sure to run a knife blade around the edge to make sure it has not stuck to the pan - this can also cause cracking as the cake cools and settles. It’s very old so maybe there was a cookbook or magazine that put this out decades ago? It tastes great as is so I am hoping it works as the base! First, if you open the container and there is a liquid water layer - it has separated and is not bad but should be used within a few day. Butter was not enough for a cup Graham crackers. Just adjust the baking time. Cream together cream cheese and sugar. Thanks ;). Wonderful - better than a restuarant! I did indeed not answer the question so just updated the post. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). It was velvety smooth creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness and a hint of vanilla. Most recipes I came across that use this method do indeed use baking powder as well, so that would explain it. I had never made a cheesecake before, so had no frame of reference. You want a batter that is not too runny or it will not be strong enough to hold onto any air that is formed and expanded during baking. After all, what can beat the smooth creaminess of Sour Cream Cheesecake? I will keep this recipe for sure. Boys and their mom’s cooking — it’s adorable! This cheesecake is the epitome of delicious. I made this for my family. When making a cake your recipe has to be sufficiently balanced so that it bakes on the inside, without burning on the outside. That says it all - this recipe is a definite winner - the Best Cheesecake Recipe Ever! Amount is based on available nutrient data. I’m actually baking another right now for a Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow with friends. Lightly grease a 10" springform pan. Nice and light after a big meal. Filed Under: Cake, Cheesecake, Dessert, Recipes Tagged With: Cream Cheese. Is the baking soda’s only purpose to neutralize the PH of the sour cream? Enjoy! My husband is the same way…he had cheesecake for his groom’s cake…plain, simple cheesecake! Never baked before but this turned out spectacular. Could you not use the base acidity of the sour cream to also use the baking soda as a leavener by mixing some, if not all, of it at the end, reducing or removing the amount of baking powder needed? Must be something about Men – my husband is the same way – just he basics. I made this into 4 "mini" cheesecakes without crusts so it only cooked for about 50 minutes. I disagree and so do my boys. The smooth, light texture was perfect and so was the taste—not too sweet: wonderful. (Doesn't look machine made to me) Gently tap the pan to encourage any air bubbles to rise to the surface. I think it would work really well with a lemon or lime flavored cheesecake.

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