use of take in english sentences

That, and the little matter of a cookie in the oven of love, which seemed to be taking a back seat in her ire. The Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course will teach you 500 common phrasal verbs in the context of everyday dialogues. She sat, taking in the Goth décor that made the study as welcoming as a graveyard. He rose and, taking the arm of the attendant, steered the young man out to the slab where Wassermann was unaware of the turmoil he'd created. After you see the bank, take a left. Think about being a pilot. John Russell wrote this story for Learning English. By taking a block of marble and carving a statue, or taking a handful of seed and growing a cornfield, you have combined your labor and know-how with something of little value and have created something of more value. Weird things like taking on Vinnie Baratto for a client? Howie refuses to leave without taking all those machines with him. Here are the most common modern uses of “take” and what they mean: This means simply “look.” What’s the difference? He loves children and he's really taking the loss of the baby hard. What is it? Not surprised to find the chamber ransacked, he sifted through the remaining clothing on the floor. It’s when we’re introducing a performance. Instead, native English speakers will often use the word take in a way that has an idiomatic meaning. I have no intention of being subservient - and how is that taking a backward step, anyway? Gazing up into his eyes, she seemed to, 28. The drug wore off, leaving her in a dark fog, hot and sweating with a different kind of headache, the kind she got after taking a lot of Dr. Mallard's drugs. Are we still good? At least we're taking some action, and we're doing it together—that makes me feel more secure. Until now, money had aided him in taking care of her. Claire glanced away then back at him, taking in the resolve on his face. He set down his glass, and taking Cynthia's hand, retreated from the parlor to the kitchen, without even bothering to make an excuse. "No doubt, you delivered my message to Kris that if I don.t get what I want, I.m taking out the human village," Darkyn said. If nothing else, she wanted to correct him about the Peak, to tell him she'd thought she'd been saving everyone on the mountain by taking the very keypads that might kill them in the hands of a traitor. Just have them take a little time out with me This statement, about a worker named Jane, means that she is responsible for making sure that work on the project continues while the supervisor is gone. The brunette obeyed, taking her place at his left. He slowly picked up his fork, never taking his eyes off of her. Sometimes there are temptations you just can't pass up. Mrs. Lincoln sauntered into the room, blinking her eyes at the late hour, and Fred reached down and picked her up with one arm, taking a beer from Dean with the other. The Fred O'Connor Cyber Cafe was unplugged from electronic connection to the world at large, as the old gentleman was taking his sweet time moving his belongings downstairs. Take has this meaning when followed by noun phrases such as "care of…", "charge of…", or "responsibility for…". Did he arrange to have Alex out of the way, or was he simply taking advantage of the situation? It might be tough taking on the demons of Hell, but he had a promise to fulfill. "If I've been taking you for granted," he said firmly, "I sincerely apologize. It was going to be hard, maybe even harder than finding his soul in the underworld, but the opportunity was theirs for the taking. Pausing at her normal bus stop, Deidre debated walking instead of taking the bus. Then, with her head bowed, taking small spoonfuls, she asked, If I did something really bad—if I broke a really important rule, what would you do? Katie frowned. It is very interesting to watch a plant grow, it is like taking part in creation. "I didn.t expect to see you here," Rhyn said, taking in Gabriel.s muscular form as he fought the sparring dummies behind the Sanctuary. Maybe he didn't stop Edith Shipton from taking her own life and maybe he couldn't have done so if he'd tried, but the bottom line scrawled in bold print said he stood idly by while it happened. Let me guess. I have the least rewarding job of any of us so my desires are directed to family and this mind boggling venture Howie is taking us on. 1. But when we use it with people, we add a little extra meaning. She said you were interested in taking a walk around the estate. We'll start by taking out what's here and the warehouse where he's storing weapons. One common structure is take + a noun phrase. "The last two, if my memory is correct," she said, taking plates from the cabinets. So why Sam? And we both know if Shipton is a beater, chances are good she'll just keep on taking it, until he kills her or gets what he wants. We are use use different english sentences in conversation with other professional peoples in daily basis. Whoever is taking out the recruits knows who to hit first. Thinking of taking a dive in the lake and not surfacing again, except that it meant she'd lose her soul. You are just great. she said. Work at your own speed. He looked at the wound in his chest. Lana stared at his wide chest, taking him in with a look of desire. Being subservient is taking a backward step for women. How did you tell your best friend that aliens were real and oh, by the way, I married one and am taking you with me to his planet, for your own good? she demanded as the large man folded himself to sit on the couch. You are taking a much deserved vacation in Europe. Check out more fun illustrated lessons on the Clark and Miller blog! Dusty and Talon rose, Talon taking the chance to launch himself at Dusty. Sometimes these nouns come in phrases. I like fresh rabbit meat every once in a while, and I like taking care of rabbits. Some nights, dreams took her on a stealthy walk down the path, taking advantage of every bush for cover. He held out a hand, and she hugged him instead of taking it. This means the same as “participate in” — to join an organisation or a project and add something to it. Some things, like not eating too fast or taking large bites, not talking with the mouth full, might be assumed, but it was surprising how many people did them – in public, even. The plan he'd begun to form was finally taking shape. We'll be taking him to ICU in a few minutes and it will be awhile before we know anything. "You know any more tricks?" I'm not sure running against Lydia will be any easier than taking on Fitzgerald. Sure, and everyone would have scandalized me for taking it away from his family and my own daughter. The literal meaning of take is "to move or carry something from one place to the other." Carmen sat down and picked up her cup, taking a sip before she spoke. All Rights Reserved. Jackson stood in front of the open refrigerator, taking out bags one at a time, tasting, then either putting them back or on the table. Yes. Taking in the scene, Victor pushed Cassandra toward Jackson bellowing, "Take him!". Not hesitating to hand over the compass, she appeared torn at taking the final step of betrayal.

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