thiox indigo vat

The same applies to the fermentation vats, if you are using cheap locally available ingredients. Reverse direction until bloom forms. Add the Indigo and the Thiourea Dioxide or Sodium Hydrosulfite to the vat and stir. Why? To allow for a bit of oxygen to the vat, remove the lid from the container and gently stir the vat in one direction for a few moments. Stir in one direction so the elements dissolve evenly. , that has enough ingredients to set up and maintain your indigo vat. I really hope that this helps anyone out there who is walking the same Indigo path as me! The iron vat needs very hot water to get started, after that it will work at low temperatures. I've been going by the intensity of the chartreuse yellow green color I achieve pre dye. When finished, rinse in cold water until the water runs completely clear, use one round of rinsing with diluted vinegar to restore the Ph level in your fabric. Why was it dead? We recommend that before using any of our products, you review Studio Safety Guidelines to advise safety precautions and proper use of safety equipment, clean work habits and responsible use of products. .If the color seems grey & weak  you'll want to add some pre-reduced Indigo. Leave the lid off for about a half hour and proceed with your dyeing. Small bubbles may rise, that is the reducing of the oxygen in the water. Thank you!!!! I have been dyeing for a long long time. It’s kind of been like meeting someone and really wanting to be friends with them. You will need something that will remove the oxygen from the water, in order to make the active dye component Indigotin soluble in the water. Other species are Indigofera suffruticosa which is native to the tropical and sub tropical Americas, and Persicaria tinctoria (Japanese Indigo) which grows well in Asian countries and Eastern Europe. Please do a test sample first. Required fields are marked *. If you see that the contents in your jar has a yellowish cast, then it may have lost some of its strength and you may need to use more. Always work in a well ventilated area. It won't completely dissolve. A notification will be sent once the answer is published. Your email address will not be published. So you will probably need a heating mat or pad or something similar, and insulation. I know many dyers who use either sodium hydrosulfite (“hydro”) or thiourea dioxide (“thiox”) to reduce their vats. Just wondering how long a hydros vat can last? Silk: you can use most recipes for silk, except the iron vat. Nicely, you get way less with this product than with natural indigo. testing the ph is a sure way to know whether you need to add soda ash or not. Any hint about how mucho to add? Explore shibori and other dip dyeing techniques. This product can only be shipped in the Continental  U.S. due to regulations on the SDS. Best to use your vat until your (expensive) indigo is exhausted, you can keep a vat going for years as long as you keep it balanced with new indigo, soda ash and reducing agent. It starts off talking about a lye and hydros vat which is the most similar to what I use, but at first I couldnt see how I could apply that information to what I wanted to do. So far I have dyed knitting yarns, fleece for spinning, mother of pearl buttons, feathers, raffia, basket making cane, bone beads, cotton T-shirts, embroidery silk yarns, cotton and linen fabrics (and my fingernails by accident when a pair of rubber gloves developed a hole…). So I hit it up with lye and turned up the heat once more. If it had been resting for a few weeks, I’d actually not bother, mostly because they start to really whiff! Check Ph using a Ph strip. Your answer has been received. As the air hits the fabric, the indigo will gradually oxidize and the fabric will turn blue. Hope your journey in Japan is rolling out beautifully – thanks for the response. The best thing is that it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare the dye bath and you get the same unique results as with the regular Indigo. Can I revive it? 3. Let's fix that and find some good classes, How to Make a Living Selling What You Make, Easter DIY: Make Your Own Felt Flowers For Spring, Sewing Darts: A Video Tutorial with Christine Haynes, The Maker’s Guide to Merchandising from the Kitchen, Valentine’s Day Craft Projects for Yarn Lovers. Yes I really should invest in a PH meter! My vat was perfect and ready to go within 5 mins of me doing this and working out that my vat needed more soda ash. I’m not sure what type of vat you are running, but a thiox vat is similar to a hydros vat. You still need to add Sodium Hydrosulfite or our Dharma Dyehouse Color Remover; aka Thiox; aka Thiourea Dioxide, but the nasty Lye is replaced by Soda Ash (a milder alkali). A notification will be sent when the answer is published. I was amazed at how easy it was to create the Indigo dye vat (10 mins) in a 5 gallon bucket compared to the traditional 1 week method of fermenting the Indigo. And I get it; they look elegant and sometimes you can’t even…, “Darts appear in all kinds of projects – garments and beyond. Love your work and your blog. If smell is a problem, the smelliest of the vats is the urine vat, however you only notice the smell when you open the lid of the bucket. Stir in one direction so the elements dissolve evenly. Zinc, dithionite and spectralite are considered hazardous materials. A healthy vat has that coppery sheen on top end a flower in the middle. STEP Two If it is completely gone, add that much again. The madder vat can be cheap too if you grow your own madder and don’t need to use electricity to keep the vat warm. The urine vat is the cheapest. After 8 hours of frustration I turned to my new book The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing and sat reading all about Indigo vats. I’ve been devouring your blog all night, your work is so very very inspiring! In the little bowl, mix the soda ash with a bit of very hot water until it dissolves while stirring. Stir the vat carefully, return the lid to the container and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Strong vat; plastic (disposable) gloves. For more information, go to Now hold your spoon still while the water keeps turning. As an alternative, try this Pre-reduced Indigo.

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