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You aren’t going to be away for just a week or two. Bring just your basic makeup from your everyday routine plus ONE fun eyeshadow palette. You’ve got your flights, your apartment is picked out, but there is still so much to keep in mind just before you leave. However I would rather go to Spain in May/April for blossoms (flowers) especially since it will still be hot in sept.Where should we go? but also kind of nervous. Whether it’s for short trips or year-long study abroad moves, here are (in my view) the packing basics. Well that, and the eternal search for coffee and wifi. Yes, obviously there are shoes for sale in Asia, but if you're a man or women with large feet it will range from difficult to impossible to find your size. You’ve got your flights, your apartment is picked out, but there is still so much to keep in mind just before you leave. After a semester abroad and a year of working with study abroad students in Italy, I’ve been able to compile a comprehensive study abroad packing list for all of you future abroad-ers. I also learned after moving to Europe for the second time to stop carrying a suitcase with me for both my check-in bag AND my carry-on bag. Deciding what to pack for teaching abroad in Asia can be one of the hardest parts of the whole moving abroad process. I'm usually able to fit all my socks and bras in these spaces and it saves lots of room! Conversations were more fast-paced and distant. And, there are a lot of questions in your head before you go abroad. Every airline has different baggage requirements, be sure to check before you go. Your email address will not be published. Gutted I missed you in London … Next time ! You'll never see someone going to the grocery store in their pajama's like you see in the States. Hope you get a lot out of it. As you can see here, plugs around the world vary. Jacket (depending on destination and season), Travel-size body wash (there is no need packing enough body wash for several months. The UK and Europe have similarities but they differ lots in style, weather, and land diversity. Great list! Travel Eat Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Workout gear (sports bras, workout tanks, etc), Electronics (chargers, headphones, converter, PORTABLE CHARGER (!!)). However, you'll want to pack light linens when traveling to sultry cities on the coast like Cartagena. I have a proud British mum and she never fails to remind me of that. That’s what I call a useful article! In this case, you can either buy specific European or UK travel adapters. Only pack what you are willing to carry up multiple stairs by yourself! But what should you pack for study abroad? What do you always have to have when you study abroad? I’ve done it. Above all, don't worry too much about what to bring. Also, the plugs in South America are like plugs in Europe. When you move abroad, it’s not like you can whisk back home to take these precious items. It was long and airy, and I could cover up with a denim jacket when needed. I’ve increased my reading time like crazy. Pack medications for headaches, upset stomach (very common if you are not used to the food) and other common problems that might come up while you are travelling. Take it from me, do not pack everything you own when you move abroad to live in another country. Read more tips below on how to cut out this bad habit of packing your entire closet when you travel (yes, even for moving abroad occasions, too). When it comes down to it though, packing is extremely personal. You’re going abroad! I'm an avid roller when it comes to packing, so much that I'll scold Paul if I see him folding! Depending on where you travel you will need to adjust what you pack! DO learn about the weather and culture of your study abroad location in order to decide what type of clothing you should pack. Of course, there will not be one guide fits all! people in the US dress pretty casually and only dress up for occasions. Is it even possible? IES Abroad is a 501(c)(3) entity. I much prefer reading paper books, but still considered my e-reader a lifesaver during my two years in Asia. You’re going abroad! Bring along all the essential footwear you'd need depending on the climate of the country where you'll be living. It's the ultimate comfort food, and doesn't take up too much room in your pack. It took me several times moving countries to truly learn to pack less. Packing for a semester or even a year abroad is different from packing for a vacation. Boo-yah! Did you know rolling your clothes saves so much space when packing? STEP 5 . The coast of Nayarit (where we lived) stays warm practically year-round with insanely humid and hot temps during the rainy seasons (summer months). Islam is prominent in much of southern Thailand, where headscarves are more common than shorts among locals. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I am so happy with my purchase and have downloaded and read: Becoming, Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime, and I just finished Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom. Passport, visa, itinerary, plane tickets, Take about $300 in local currency in case you need it for taxis and last minute expenses. But like other imported foreign things, they often come at a much higher price than back home and the selection can be limited. As for clothes, Europeans dress more business-casual even in the streets. The quantity (how much of each you take) depends on your needs. Some countries will also commonly have a whitening additive in deodorants that you most likely don't want (unless, you really are trying to whiten your pits. In this post, I’m going to simplify your life by giving you my ultimate packing list for moving abroad! Bri’s Ultimate Packing List for Moving Abroad. If you are going to a more rural areas, you might not want to bring a lot high heels and be more conservative with what you bring. Thank you . I hope this moving abroad packing list and guide is helpful for your upcoming move to another country! For me, its pants. I only wore mine once. I have traveled throughout Southeast Asia for a month in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and can say that although these countries are extremely diverse (on their own and from each other), I didn't necessarily need anything that I didn't already have. Every time I felt I unwell, I was thankful that I didn't have to try to describe my symptoms in broken Korean to a pharmacist in order to get some relief. Face lotion (I’d just buy generic body lotion there). Packing for Mexico in general: Bring a light jacket, lots of swimsuits, and some hiking pants and long-sleeves because of the mosquitoes! The Ultimate Study Abroad Packing List Packing - no longer the most daunting study abroad task. Going to a doctor abroad could be expensive, depending on the country and I don’t recommend taking over-the-counter medications you are not familiar with.

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