record high and low temperatures by date

and/or other places in the state. 98 °F. Owlie Skywarn Kid's Page These data cover the contiguous 48 states. The drop-off is very sharp. You'll receive another email with a link to download your data, usually within the hour. consider new statewide all-time record For example to find the warmest low temperature in January, enter "Jan" in the search box. record was actually broken. Climate change 2013: The physical science basis. Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. This indicator describes trends in unusually hot and cold temperatures across the United States. U.S. Therefore, the rising trend in the ratio of record highs to record lows is clearest when looking over decades. Record High Date Place Record Low Date Place; Alabama: 112°F 44°C: Sept. 5, 1925: … As a 2016. Survey (USGS), and other partners in the All Observations Map Figure 1 shows the U.S. The hottest days and nights have become more intense and more frequent since 1950, and there has been an increase in the intensity, duration and frequency of extreme heat events. The Third US National Climate Assessment confirms these trends, finding that, “Prolonged periods of high temperatures and the persistence of high nighttime temperatures have increased in many locations (especially in urban areas) over the past half century.” By the middle of this century, people in the US can expect a fourfold to sixfold increase in the number of days exceeding 95°F (35°C) under the IPCC’s A2 emissions scenario. Technical information specific to this dataset. Be aware that some states have a comprehensive If the climate were completely stable, one might expect to see highs and lows each accounting for about 50 percent of the records set. Thereafter, the temperature fell to 32 degrees by 4am on the 21st. Climate Change Science Program). The most recent decade had twice as many record highs as record lows. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [1] If two dates have the same temperature record (e.g. Flooding Figure 6 uses National Weather Service data processed by Meehl et al. In the Earth’s climate, days with a temperature very near the statistical halfway point of the historic temperature range for that particular day occur much more frequently than days with temperatures near either end of the temperature range [see figure 2]. the lowest temperature (in both Fahrenheit and County Based Forecasts View high, low and average temperatures within an area and the amount of cooling required (CDD), amount of heating required (HDD) and amount of rain in inches. Past Observed Weather Synthesis and Assessment Product 3.3: Weather and climate extremes in a changing climate. Thus, the minimum temperature on a particular day at a particular station would be considered “unusually cold” if it falls within the coldest 5 percent of measurements at that station during the 1948–2015 period. BY ACCESSING THIS SITE YOU ARE STATING THAT YOU AGREE TO For example, a cold event that qualifies as a once-in-500-year event under the current climate may be colder than any event that was recorded during the prior climate, as modern record keeping often only goes back 100 years (or less) for many locations. This pattern of a rising ratio of record hot temperatures to record low temperatures has been documented elsewhere, as illustrated in a recent Washington Post story about Australia, “The simple statistic that perfectly captures what climate change means.”. result, you may not see newly-broken records Climate Extremes Index. Changes in record high and low temperatures (Figure 6). To download a station's data in another format, check the box to the left of its name, and then click the. Skywarn Mills, J. Hess, R. Horton, P. Kinney, J. Schwartz, and A. St. Juliana. How much snow was on the ground at a station on a specific date? Answer questions such as: Where did it rain or snow on a specific date? 36:L23701. Weather Extremes / Top 10s, Local Programs To search for a specific date, surround the date with quotes: "Aug 01". The impacts of climate change on human health in the United States: A scientific assessment. If you find the above data useful, please Yohe (eds.). Find daily records of high and low temperature and precipitation for most localities in the United States. Thank you in Excessive Rainfall Outlooks The two maps show where changes in the number of days with unusually hot (above the 95. Accessed May 2016. Temperature sensors PROFILE: Linking Climate Change to Catastrophic Weather Events, in Real Time, imbalance growing for the past three decades, more intense and more frequent since 1950, increase in the intensity, duration and frequency of extreme heat events, The simple statistic that perfectly captures what climate change means, over ten times larger over the past 30 years. Data source: Kunkel, 20166Web update: August 2016. Daily normal and record high/low temperatures and precipitation values along with sunrise and sunset data. Same-Day Record High and Low Temperatures Last week Valentine, Nebraska saw its temperature fall from a record 76° at 3 p.m. (CST) on November 21st to 10° by 7 a.m. on November 23rd. The change in the number of days with unusually hot and cold temperatures at individual weather stations (Figures 4 and 5). At each station, the recorded highs and lows are compared with the full set of historical records. Snow and Ice Information other weather experts. Working Group I contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. Click column header again to toggle increasing or decreasing sort. The data have been adjusted to the extent possible to account for some of these influences and biases, however, and these uncertainties are not sufficient to change the fundamental trends shown in the figures.

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