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The PID is not regularly updated during project stages. 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The Project Scope Statement should include as much detail as possible, as it helps to avoid proliferating problems and questions in the project lifecycle (requirements are needed in order to succeed in In Scope Category). It should be conveyed to all stakeholders and agreed and signed off by the business sponsors. endobj The Project Initiation Document is the basis of decisions taken for the project and it is unhelpful when the PID is queried or altered at a later stage with no reference to why, by whom or when. �Y��r9���\��kLE�P ��ڟ������O�O�1‡����p0S���j;5@̵�:H� ���q5���I��?�(�7]c�D�����xs8�^�{� ���6�rv�V�;�n ~�ڋ�Hj�kQ�"�2�;gL� �z�8]U>��,�pKrU��MK��l��wlg��Eޛty�%�fk�^����h�~�8DZwL���{��?��H��˒����z�I/:�� � Mp�r}�b�Xg���W}���}$bt}X�j��`4J,�ak��%b�8�[=j�vh�~��|ݝ�^�U��K���g+ �$�I1;9��R��1��^�-��x^}^� >&����K��$�ddqRy�H>�����(�K,��ev :�� =sZ j���)��7���ݧ=t�{�ȫ��ڕ2i�t\�˒��#���ְ�`I�P��'�Hm� Where necessary, with which restrictions? << ESA's implies the meeting where considering Baselined Project Plan to ensure it is up to date and on schedule, Project Management Reports, Project Workstream Checkpoint Reports, Team Meeting Minutes, Actions and Agenda, Project Risk and Issues Log, and a Quality Plan Tip. The problem could be resolved by creating the list of top projects' risks and what precautionary measures have to be taken. PID scheme needs to be included along any budgetary constrains and provided the assumptions the team used when they estimate as well as details about how often the review will be estimates. PID bundles the information, which was acquired through the Starting up a project and Initiating a Project processes in a PRINCE2 controlled project environment. There are specific number of sections, which needed to be completed in terms of controlling the whole project: Project Controls, Project Stages and Exception Process. [5], One of the most important sections of the PID. H��W�r�6��������I%�IU�R)Oe� DA���ò�~�Ń"e�ro��چ)����s�9�����Y�UQ�1���C��_�g?�3�����)��9�5>d�'�寃��=�� �}���Y�/�>}��'. The PID represents a detailed version of the basic project start-up document called the Project Brief. /Length 11 0 R The result should be that the resources and equipment are made available to you to ensure your project happens. 10 0 obj /Filter /FlateDecode The sooner the worker starts building that sort of relationships with stakeholders, the easier will be later on when more pressing concerns regarding scope are raised.[13]. • Was there a formal process for issue management? A good project manager is not only interested in delivering an output or a capability to their customer, but interested in the wider context and the benefits that this capability will ultimately bring about. [7], Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints detail the Project Initiation Document. It is pivotally important to identify how prioritized is your project before starting the PID, which will help to avoid huge expenses if the project is about to appear in Exception Stage. >> [16], Specifying the importance of the project, Project Initiation Documentation identifies that it is the contract between the project management and sponsor. The Project Initiation Documentation is a PRINCE2 term representing the plan of approach in project management. [10], During the whole process of creating the Project Initiation Document the Project manager is aware that they will be attending meetings with Third Party Project Managers, Lead Architects and Team Leaders where discussions of Project Management Reports, Weekly project team meetings, Fortnightly supplier meetings and Weekly programme board meetings will take place. 11 0 obj ITQA also determines when the End Stage Assessment (ESA) will be taking place. ; What does PIR mean? /F0 6 0 R It is the document that goes before the Project Board for sign- off to commence a project. It is only after these stages are complete that your PID will be of a sufficient standard to be approved and passed onto the Programme Board for funding. K�U4o�j��z��83����;�vD׸�s���� �i����fO�� ��7�|C_u;�r6�ܳXn�'\VF���z�vP[~�B�p��/�6�i��agk�텋���L0e���kNVd�ɘo�On��S�u�l�'�*X+oKh�- AQ��}�Eeoi�bE�3�pE4��Ӗ�� �T���� ���v0��%PP���*�v�3��}2�a�ݸ,�6nI5\hm����fR7���QY��QY��ч�D�����:��� /Resources << These are basically checkpoints during the life of the project which ensure that a Quality product is being delivered. /Filter /FlateDecode Relaunching date or reducing the scope need to be supported with justifications, on which stakeholders making a decision of delaying the launch date. The PID bundles together documentation to form the logical document that brings together all of the key information needed to start and run the project on a sound basis. [17], Project Initiation Documentation in terms of PRINCE2, Writing a Project Initiation Document (PID), Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints. Management PIR acronym meaning defined here. Financial side of the project is needed to be considered. A common part of formal project methodologies such as PRINCE2[4] the document is a major milestone in the Initiating a Project process. ITIL Process: ITIL Service Transition - Change Management, Checklist Category: ITIL Templates - Change Management, Source: Checklist "Post Implementation Review - PIR" from the ITIL Process Map V2. For a PID it is sufficient to include the place, which emphasize on main phases and activities of the project.

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