dragon age inquisition knight enchanter or rift mage

Press J to jump to the feed. 2. This specialization is obtainable through the quest Way of the Rift Mage from Your Trainer. Barriers you create take longer to naturally decay. Wow... this was super thought out. You deflect incoming projectiles with Spirit Blade, sending a shockwave of energy back at the attacker. It's a team-based mage that excels at what it does. Also, it doesn't play well with any electro abilities that create the Shocked status, because Shocked can cancel out Weakened, which interferes with the RM's passives for mana generation and damage buffs. Mage Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:20 am. Spirit Mark can be used to enthrall stronger enemies or turned into a buff that augments your basic attacks for each target who dies while marked (requires Trespasser DLC for second upgrade options). Free +50% mana regeneration rate just for being within 5 meters of an enemy. Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:20 am. The training was not pleasant for me. Typically, when playing Rift Mage, I ignore the shock tree aside from Energy Barrage (not a shock spell) and, on some playthroughs, Static Cage. Knight enchanter pretty much can't die the infinite barrier prevents this, but the damage of knight enchanter is not all that great. It still is, but I miss being able to swing my blade without having to wait. It's not as good as a Pyro Necro in terms of peak damage, but it's better than any other mage spec due to Walking Bomb. I can't bring myself to include Vivienne in my party and can't be without Solas so I'm leaning toward KE for this playthrough but will be sure to make a save before I commit. Spirit Mark with Wisps of The Fallen upgrade gives you a wisp that will basic attack with you each time you kill a marked target. Highest survivability out of all the mage specializations because of a passive that regenerates your barrier each time you deal damage and barrier decay rate reduction. sjsharp2011 … You pull stray magic from around weakened enemies to regain mana based on the damage you do to them. You summon flaming meteors, raining fire down upon enemies all over the area for the next several seconds. I can't decide between specialising as a Knight Enchanter (the in-your-face playstyle seems intriguing, I don't intend on spamming spirit blade though) or as a rift mage (maybe for story reasons and a lot of people say that it is a fun specialisation). The lower the charge on your Spirit Blade, the longer Fade Cloak lasts. My first mage playthrough I went Necro-Lightning solely because I remembered Virulent Walking Bomb from DA:O being so much fun, and I thought Chain Lightning would work well with it (it does, my system would regularly slow to a crawl trying to compute the damage to big crowds). You create a tiny rift that pulls enemies toward a central point. Knight Enchanter is best used with spirit, lightning, and fire because barrier and anything that enhances it works well with KE, spells from the shock tree charge spirit blade quickly, and you will want Clean Burn from the fire tree. Rift Mage is still on the bottom for damage, but it's the best at crowd control. First thought reading this: "Ah! You draw back the energy released by your enemies in your attacks against them. Even when chaotic focus eating your barrier, you get it right back with fire mines and occasionally using your 99 stack spirit blade. Definitely the knight enchanter. - David Gerrold. God, KE was so much fun pre nerf. Rift Mages take their mastery of the Fade to the next level with this specialization, allowing them to use powerful offensive spells or dragging and throwing their opponents across the field like rag dolls. Rift Mage provides survivability in the form of 30% damage reduction on weakened targets, and Knight Enchanter has a regenerating barrier. Can pull of a shatter combo by itself by freezing a target and then using Stonefist. In comparison to the other specializations, it synergizes better with lightning spells than Rift Mage, but not as well as Knight Enchanter. That is what you speak. So what would be considered the optimal build for Rift Mage with the new upgrades? You just have barrier on 24/7 thanks to your passive and fire mines. You can cast Pull of the Abyss more often, and enemies caught in its effect are weakened. Just curious about the great BSN's response to the Rift Mage vs. Knight-Enchanter question. A passive that reduces the damage weakened targets do by 30%, greatly increasing the survivability of your entire party. Knight-Enchanter is a mage specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition. We believed ourselves prepared for demonic manifestation. Rift Mage Dragon Age Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They added what is essentially another resource bar, (via a buff) that tells you how much "charge" your sword has. Also, it doesn't play well with any electro abilities that create the Shocked status, because Shocked can cancel out Weakened, which interferes with the RM's passives for mana generation and damage buffs. In many cases you will have a full mana bar for entire fights due to this passive alone. Completing the quest will grant The Inquisitor the specialization. Stonefist now deals additional damage against enemies with guard. Rift Mage is still on the bottom for damage, but it's the best at crowd control. Locks down the battlefield, gains massive amounts of mana for causing status effects, and can cause effects with just about any skill it uses. share. Going to start a Nightmare run with a mage inquisitor and was wondering what the pros and cons of each specialization was. You fill an area with magical energy that slows and weakens your enemies. The more damage you do, the more powerful your barrier grows. Ultimately, if I’m being objective, the Knight Enchanter is probably better overall, but the difference between the two is marginal and both are very fun to play as. Rift Mage is a mage specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition. In comparison to the other specializations, it works the best with lightning spells because 3/4 of them hit multiple times in quick succession and Spirit Blade charges by 5 points (10 with Amplified Blade) per hit. According to Solas, their techniques descend from ancient elven mages called Arcane Warriors. On the field, in the battle, I command. As for the Knight Enchanter specialization itself...you should just know that once you get the right skills you will be invincible. Check out these two vids: (Yes, that is a 43k point hit, right after two 27k hits. Veilstrike can only be used at your location, but the cooldown is reduced whenever you take damage. It only got better when, Get your f*#%*!% foot off my neck, then we'll talk tolerance. 1 . Rift Mage is best used with fire and ice; fire for damage and ice because of the aforementioned shatter combo. Dealing damage with other. Note: I also heard that the Knight Enchanter got nerfed at one point, but I can't seem to find any solid info on that. any suggestions . I have heard nothing from rift mage so idk what to choose. Rift Mage is a mage specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This ability consumes and is powered by focus. If you want to play up close to your enemies, this specialization will provide you with less than the other two. It's still a good specialization but now you feel like J.A.G. Tread carefully in studies of new matters, for I cannot unsee the end of her. Power in a raw form has found an outlet, both visible and in ways that only we of arcane proclivity can sense. These mages draw upon the force of the Fade, either pulling matter from the Fade to attack or twisting the Veil itself into a weapon to stagger or crush their enemies. Pyro Necromancer build here. Rift Mage, Knight-Enchanter, or Necromancer.

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