benefits realisation dashboard

HealthRoster also eliminates time consuming data entry tasks required under previous rostering systems. The benefits realisation process enables the project to be defined and implemented which is in turn leads to the delivery of outputs. Review the use of HealthRoster in Local Health Districts in clusters 1 and 2 and assist them to improve their HealthRoster related processes and practices, Ensure that Local Health Districts undertake benefits realisation planning according to the NSW Health benefits realisation framework. Learn the three stages involved in executing BRM successfully, and find out how you can build a benefits realization plan for your company using our free templates. The role of the state‑wide steering committee is to monitor the overall status of the project and resolve issues that cannot be resolved locally. Benefits Realization Management Framework (Click on image to modify online) 1. 4 0 obj NSW Health has a good understanding of issues in previous rostering practices and systems. For example, HealthRoster requires managers to develop a demand model that forecasts staffing needs before they can add staff to the roster. <> stream Without baseline measures NSW Health is unable to quantify business benefits achieved. System issues included disparate and unsupported legacy systems and functionality that did not ensure that staff were rostered in compliance with their respective employment awards. %PDF-1.5 Determining the expected benefits at the start of a project or program Benefits Realisation is mandatory for all Standard and Complex projects. However, analysis of post-implementation reviews and interviews with frontline staff indicate that benefits are being achieved. After this customisation, NSW Health implemented HealthRoster in cluster 1 LHDs and Health organisations. ��Y�&7O`�&�I�Ρ4Ӫ���׃��b�{��Wf�Q����Ê���_�����J�}�;��d@���Q� ,����!��Wl�? NSW Health can demonstrate that HealthRoster has delivered some functional business benefits, including rosters that comply with a wide variety of employment awards. See Appendix 3 for more detailed information about the audit. NSW Health has developed project documentation templates for LHDs to use. Some frontline and clinical staff advised that the employee online portal was a useful tool to check their recorded time prior to payment and has resulted in fewer incorrect payments being made. The HealthRoster business case addressed the issues in previous practices and systems and defined expected business benefits. This is allowing NSW Health to analyse state-wide data to generate reports and realise the business benefit of reduced reporting effort. LHDs in earlier implementations need to use HealthRoster more effectively to ensure they are getting all available benefits from it. A review of rostering practices by NSW Health concluded that a state-wide rostering system was required to support rostering as well as reporting. Benefits planning workshop completed in August 2017. This contributed to managers being unable to effectively plan ahead for their staffing needs, and to some staff being rostered on back‑to‑back shifts without adequate breaks. The Audit Office of New South Wales acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land in which we live and work. HealthRoster is an IT system designed to more effectively roster staff to meet the needs of Local Health Districts and other NSW health agencies. Exhibit 3 provides a summary of the issues identified in previous rostering practices and systems that HealthRoster addresses and the relevant business benefits. endobj Benefits and value metrics are the weak links in benefits realization planning. The process for identifying issues is documented in the project management templates that LHDs use during implementation. In making this assessment, we examined whether: The HealthRoster project has a timespan from 2009 to 2019. LHDs planning for the change management required to ensure that HealthRoster implementation is successful. ���� JFIF ` ` �� ZExif MM * J Q Q �Q � �� ���� C NSW Health set up the Rostering Design Authority group to consider and approve changes to the configuration of HealthRoster. 7 0 obj Refer to Exhibit 9 for examples of HealthRoster benefits and how they might be measured. 1.3 NSW Health workforce management strategy, 2.1 Issues experienced in previous rostering practices and systems, 3.1 Project management and governance arrangements. In 2009, the NSW Government approved the HealthRoster business case with a capital cost of $88.6 million and implementation planned between 2011 and 2013. Where LHDs used multiple systems, they were not connected, resulting in users entering the same information multiple times. Both the local and state-wide steering committees are operating in accordance with clearly defined terms of reference. Issues are logged and resolved during implementation. The business case for HealthRoster included an analysis of issues in current rostering practices as well as system issues.

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