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Do we have any sort of case here? And I can't see the owner getting a licensed electrician in, because well. Right....? LAOP here wants to put fake money in the walls, WCGW? I knew someone who was knowingly renting a condemned house for $50/month along with a multitude of their friends, and someone else who lived in an illegal MIL-type unit for $100/month. [/r/AskCulinary] Is Louisiana considered a boat? [Actual Title] Recently moved into a condo, and apparently 80%+ of the units are owned by a company who is renting them out as short term stays. If you have any questions I'll answer them, I'm a bit pissed off and little road raged at the moment but I'll do my best. If you look at the actual document the landlord sent it says "floor repair" and then specifies "if it can be sanded." The homeowners deserve to be knocked down a few pegs. Good luck getting out of this hole.... uh, treehole? Remember LAOP who found a giant pile of money in the walls, and got to keep it? Dealership calls back and says sorry, we can't finance you at $, but we can at $$, just sign here. Also, you can buy a lock for a tap apparently. LA debates if a dollhouse would qualify. LAOP's mother created new Id for family in Mexico. Very popular for fences in Oregon. And he said all right here's the address. Americans eat more chicken every year than any other meat. I'm not sure I can think well of anyone involved. "I lived in a tree house before it was cool" - OP. Title: Tree House I rented is not a legal Structure - Just received our final accounting. Once prepared, I divided the batter evenly to two 9-inch baking pans and popped them in the oven for 45 minutes. Beat them all! And they're dead easy to install. In a twist, landlord is trying to evict the ex-girlfriend so the tenant can move back in. Find chicken coops & rabbit hutches at Lowe's today. At the time his criticisms seemed on point, but with knowledge of what came after (e.g. And there is so much more. Oh really, keep off it! The final result was just the type of carrot cake I adore: incredibly moist with plenty of personality. Probably the size of CD, and it was slightly indented. LAOP confronts woman with stolen shirt, her son gets in contact with LAOP, son claims girlfriend robbed LAOP. Although it's hard to say much from just knowing they're in Oregon. Update to the snipped LAOP. The "Divorce Carrot Cake" batter is chunky and moist. LAOP asked their neighbor to check on the house and water the plants. I mean, the break lease fee alone was almost $1500. Abusive ex wants to browse LAOP's house like the clearance section at Walmart. LAOP needs to get out now, hopefully they are gone. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. TIL you can import a kitchen from the UK to the US without a written contract, Wife won money now she wants a divorce [actual title], Something different, grandparents' gun rights. We called our landlord and said 'We got the accounting, we believe it's excessive and some of the damages were there previous to us. This moist, luscious carrot cake withstands the test of time, even when marriage doesn't! The piece of thin plywood that the drawer was made of broke. The trader's friend said thanks and gives you the clue, Reddit special is a feature that is given for redditors only, This statistics skills tells you that the number of chicken in this world (not the chickenverse) is, Those chickens won't breed if there are too many of them, TIL that although chickens do breed, they will extinct if I kill to many of them, Available commands: go, pos, clear, examine, exit, What in the world is this and how it works, LAOP did it. Once I confirmed this cake wouldn't end my marriage, I grabbed the ingredients (most of which I had already) and got to work. Boss backed into LAOP's car, refused to provide insurance, and sternly reminded LAOP that he is the boss and LAOP should think carefully before taking any actions. Java) his obj They have moved out, problem is their LL is keeping their security and they want it back. Another tail of LAOP trying to dog their way out of supporting their indiscretions. EVERY WEEK the answer is "THERE IS NO WAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF. ALL HAIL XENU, LAOP sublets from an agency and roommate needs to be moved, so LAOP gets to move too, in less than a week, and the agency just told LAOP, Dealer mechanic messed up, says car is fine now, go drive away LAOP. Isn't that usually a month or two of rent? Like... Duh. It’s sort of like how cat facts protect locationbot from a bad karma breakdown then? The task came at an opportune time to test out the tastiness of one of my favorite desserts (that 3-ingredient creme brûlée from TikTok is a close second). This one has got it all, MS Paint diagram, tree law, and imminent eminent domain, /r/ProRevenge OP gets called out for their lies by lawyer. Overall, I'd say this carrot cake will live on for many years in my recipe box. Now six hours, hopefully first. DON'T DO IT."" Water, water, everywhere, and the neighbors keep stealing LAOP's. I would get a lawyer and sue them for all the rent they paid for the illegal apartment. The Farmer in WA, The Farmer in WA, LAOP is sterile, has a baby on the way! I suspect that the tenants darn well knew that this tree house was illegal as heck but would have happily lived there indefinitely because it was likely rented at a very affordable price. [actual title], LAOP is going on vacation while their current lease is ending, and may or may not have extended current lease, LAOP has a creeper problem with their neighbor. Oh snap, LAOP got snipped, and now what a SNAFU! Erica Chayes Wida is a New York City-area based journalist and food writer obsessed with culture, poetry and travel. I literally had a nightmare last night about the picture of the porch, with all the baby toys next to an open railing over a 30 foot drop. THIS IS FRAUD!!! I can't see them getting forced to pay when it's revealed in court to be an illegal tree house rental. Why does it say that the actual LA thread "is in contest mode"? LAOP says no thanks, I'll just take my truck back now. 2018-06-02 02:15:43 "The dog made me do it" didn't work out for the Son of Sam killer, and it doesn't absolve the OP of liability for a car accident, either. The landlords are idiots but the tenants are idiots too. LAOP's neighbor's cat has decided that LAOP's yard is theirs to pawtrol. My brain might just be insisting there must be, but I see it clear in the pic of the walkway. HOA wants LAOP to build a primary residence. Your post has been removed for the following reason(s): If you feel this was in error, message the moderators. Today we received our final accounting and my wife and I believe the extra fees and charges they are trying to charge are very overpriced. OP is trying to play nice (and also get it over with quickly), but the homeowners are trying to fuck them hard even knowing that OP knows the lease wasn’t valid and that they’re breaking laws out the wazoo with an illegal structure. Bankruptcy judges hate this one weird trick to avoid paying out judgements! LL regrettably informs LAOP that previous property manager has absconded with LAOP's security deposit and says if LAOP forgets about the security deposit, LL will forget about all the normal wear and tear on the apartment. They moved into a tree house in someone's backyard and then complain it's not an actual apartment. I find it incredibly touching that my dad remembers something positive about his relationship with my mom," Elizabeth told me on Monday. For fake wood. I know I can go to the county and talk to them about there not being the permits, I'm sure there is a place I can call to report them for their illegal sewage, and maybe I can call the IRS cause I doubt they are paying taxes on their 'rental'. I was born and raised in Oregon and went to undergrad there. The final result was just the type of carrot cake I adore: incredibly moist with plenty of personality. I've installed fake wood paneling, in two rooms and a hallway, and it was around 800. So when we get the bill they split up the payment of the electricity by bodies. Can someone explain why I'm getting downvoted? The recipe is straightforward and doesn't require too many steps. Especially since they had a freaking one year old child living in that safety hazard. Sure hope so. Can I sue a burglar? Crappy family week continues. Tap game that'll make you laugh and scream! Neighbor also cheated on his wife on LAOP's sofa directly in front of the Nest security camera. This cake might just be the new "engagement chicken.". Even Mom & Pop grocery stores can be shady. 2018-05-25 23:14:20 In which the OP has two lawyers and is still somehow taking legal advice from their ex and Reddit. Customers cash bad checks, cashiers catch bad breaks. The lemon juice in the icing really brightened everything up, though I could have used a little bit more (the recipe said "to taste," so I squeezed the juice of half a lemon), but it was luscious, creamy and easy to spread. Still very confusing, but thank you for the explanation. What's the point of that?

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