2020 kia telluride price

The Korean twins have been brought up together, with the Palisade just inching ahead by a year for the “elder” tag. Thus making it a competent highway rider. The engine in the Telluride is more inclined towards being calm and composed rather than being eager to rev. Though they had the Palisade’s help in their homework, some of the design cues have been very well introduced by Kia themselves. This Kia is larger, spacious and a better utilitarian of the two. With the option of AWD, a traditional SUV-esque silhouette and a refined engine, this Korean Crossover is one step closer to the idea of a perfect family runabout. $41,790, MSRP: The Traverse emerges as the champion in this comparison. All variants are offered with the same engine and drivetrain specification that makes use of Kia's familiar gasoline V6 which puts out 291 horsepower while managing to do 23 miles per gallon which is pretty good for this class of crossovers. All mediocre trims are accordingly loaded with equipment to offer relative value for their asking price. Use our tools to calculate monthly payments or figure out which cars you can afford. If practicality and road presence make a top priority for your next car, the 2020 Kia Telluride ticks all the right boxes. The Telluride lettering can be seen in the middle of the tailgate, under the Kia insignia. Power. That optional drivetrain does not affect performance by much but definitely makes handling the Telluride much easier. However, the same cannot be said about the all-wheel-drive Telluride. So, this Kia carries forward that was already a hit for Hyundai and improvised even further. Use the U.S. News Best Price Program to find great deals and get upfront pricing on the. All in all, a great family SUV! $37,290, MSRP: Go to Advanced Search », Select cars that interest you and see a side-by-side comparison. With a traditional three-box design, it brings in a welcome change to the full-sized crossover market which is currently being dominated by fluid lines that make bigger vehicles look more car-like. The 2020 Kia Telluride earns a slightly above-average predicted reliability rating of 3.5 out of five from J.D. Handle all aspects of your vehicle purchase without ever needing to go into the dealership. Runs and performs great; is good on gas. As brawny as it looks on the outside, the Kia follows a subtle and calm theme inside. Already know what you are looking for? The 2020 Kia Telluride can accelerate from 0-60 mph in a span of 7.2 seconds and can clear the quarter-mile mark in 15.4 seconds. The sales figures definitely indicate how well any car is being received by people. Learn More ». It sports a massive cargo-carrying capacity which further maximizes when the second and third rows are folded down. Each of these trims can be either mated to a front-wheel-drive system (FWD) or an all-wheel (AWD) one. This 21 cubic feet of cargo space is more than sufficient to carry the luggage of your entire family for a weekend getaway. Now, that is some good teamwork right there. It comes mated to an 8-speaker setup which is again just mediocre. However, can this Korean mammoth make some space in the rather crowded segment? But the stand out highlight that gives even 100 grand luxury marques a run for their money has to be the lane-keep feature which makes it an extremely promising proposition. The 3.8L motor under the Telluride's hood was never developed to challenge anyone for a drag race which is why it isn't really eager to get off the line either. It is very easy to maneuver even in cities and congested traffic. It sharpens the throttle response, steering and gear changes for a sport experience. While the former gets bench-type seats in the second and third row, the latter comes equipped with captain chairs in the middle row. As big as the Telluride might be on the outside, this feeling completely changes if you get behind the steering wheel. Considering this fact, the cost of ownership is always an essential factor that one should analyze before procuring a vehicle. Its AWD variant consumes more fuel than the former for very obvious reasons that the V6 on this one drives all four wheels. The real deal is the bigger 10.25-inch unit that features high-definition colors and is more intuitive than the former. It takes the battle directly to the likes of Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse, and its own cousin - the Hyundai Palisade. The Telluride offers a full range of advanced driver-assistance technologies, and most of them are included as standard equipment. Eyeing the 7 seater SUV clientele, the Telluride looks to patch the Kia Sorento’s sales graph decline. This figure is really surprising for such a heavy vehicle, however, it's the big set of brake rotors doing their wizardry here. This is a smart strategy from Kia. Copyright 2020 © U.S. News & World Report LP. The heating and ventilation just add to the comfort forte of the Kia Telluride's interior. I love my Telluride. It feels easy to navigate and the visibility outside is just phenomenal. Far better than any of its competition and it is equally practical and fun too. These are influenced largely due to the state tax, dealer discounts and destination charge depending on the car model you buy. They are all equally matched but for the Chevrolet Traverse trumps everyone else in the lot with the most spacious interior. That said, the story might change once the weight factor is considered. This unit is refined, maintains a calm composure, and barely makes any noise despite the V6 setup. Kia Telluride bags the 2020 World Car of the Year Award. The Kia Telluride gets 13.4-inch front brake rotors and 12-inch ones at the rear. If performance is what sways you, then the Telluride is not what you are looking for. Kia's Active Safety system include: The Kia Telluride is offered with a 3.8-liter GDI motor and an 8-speed transmission that can propel it to 60mph in 7.2 seconds for the FWD variant, but the Palisade equipped with the optional AWD system is capable of achieving 60mph from a standstill in 7.1 seconds.

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